Keep Your Something Old, Looking Like Something New!

We are proud to introduce a new division to our company, Apple Valley Orchard & Landscaping, LLC. Maintain your vehicle or equipment investment with our RUST STOP. Quality corrosion control in rain, snow, sleet or hail, eliminating rust and preventing equipment breakdowns. RUST STOP is formulated with a unique creeping agent allowing it to travel between metals up to 6 inches, extracting moisture while neutralizing salts, fertilizers and other corrosion-causing elements.

Vehicle Maintenance Program

  • Protect your fleet from rust and corrosion
  • Can be applied to new, used, or rusty vehicles
  • Penetrates and lubricates moving parts
  • Removes moisture creating a protective barrier
  • Controls rust and corrosion
  • Our trained technicians do the job for you

Indoors or Out, the Possibilities Are Endless! Keep Moving Parts Moving!

Some unique uses for RUST STOP:
  • Seams, welds, folds and crevices
  • Riveted pieces, chains
  • Door and lock mechanisms
  • Gas tanks and straps
  • Wheel hub nuts
  • Oil pan, transmission nuts and bolts
  • Mirror mounts
  • Seized parts, nuts and bolts
  • Lawn mowers and snow blowers
  • Bike chains and door hinges
  • Rollers, castors, hinges, brackets, release cables
  • Window regulators and wiper mechanism
  • Coil & leaf springs, U bolts
  • Electrical wiring, light and electrical connectors
  • Any area where dissimilar metals are fastened (aluminum & steel)
  • Radiator brackets, shrouds and casing
  • Headlight and adjusters
  • Trimmers and hedgers
  • Chain saw chains, hand tools and power tools
RUST STOP is now available in select retail stores! Contact us to find a store nearest you.
Make RUST STOP part of 
your regular preventative maintenance! Call us to 
help get you started!
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